Fun Children's Courses in English

A caring and friendly Bangkok school to support your child’s development and education.

Through a combination of hands-on and student-centered learning in English, we help develop children's bodies, hearts and brains with games and play.

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We have the perfect course for your child

All Modulo Kids courses are conducted 100% in English, in small groups or private classes.

Little Explorers Program
(18 - 36 months)

Modulo Kids boy playing with paint

Using exploration and a pre-schooler's curiosity, our teachers will lead their growth and English through games, art, songs and dance, reading and many more!

Little Explorers

Modulo Kids International
(3 - 12 years)

Modulo Kids boy doing an experiment

A holistic program based on the British EYFS and the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs. We’ll improve your child’s math, science, English and more!

Global Curriculum

English Phonics Course
(3 - 12 years)

Modulo Kids phonics student

Using games, videos, song and dance, your child will develop their English speaking, reading and writing skills with our fun and friendly teachers.

English Phonics

After-school Support
(3 - 12 years)

Girl doing a school project

An extra-curricular program in designed for learners aged 3 to 12. We'll guide your child through their homework, school projects, or even an English course for kids.

After-school Support

Online Learning
(3 - 12 years)

Fun live lessons in an interactive web classroom with expert English-speaking teachers

Online Learning


Our home, Our family

Photos of our beautiful school and amazing students


Ten categories for your child to explore

We use the British Early Years Foundation Stage and International Baccalaureate programs from Kindergarten up!


Linking sounds and letters, and learning to read and write.


Strengthening skills in counting, understanding and using numbers.


Exploring, observing and finding out how things work.

Creative arts

Creating new things through a wide range of media and materials.


Learning critical thinking, logic and strategies to tackle problems.
Modulo Kids student

Language arts

Understanding English for more expressive communication.


Doing calculations, operations, and understanding mathematical models.

Understanding the world

Making sense of the physical world and community we live in.

Expressive arts

Sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings through music, dance and role play.

Emotional development

Developing a positive sense of self, and forming strong relationships.