Why Modulo Kids is Right for You

Find out the reasons we believe Modulo Kids is the best choice for kids learning.

Who we are and what makes Modulo Kids the right choice for your child's development and education in English.

We believe in learning by doing and having fun

EEverything at Modulo Kids is geared towards making your child's learning experience not only educational, but also enjoyable. We know learning can be fun, and we are excited to share that with young learners!

Modulo Kids covers a great range of different areas of learning, with a focus on literacy and language arts, Numeracy and Mathematics, science and understanding the world, creative and expressive arts, and thinking and emotional development.

We offer both private courses, and small group classes. For group classes, learners are assigned to small groups of a maximum of 4 students, ensuring they get the one-on-one time with the teacher that they deserve. Groupings are primarily based on age, but also take into consideration English levels so the content can be tailored accordingly. We offer lessons for pre-schoolers to 12 years old.

Everything at Modulo Kids is conducted 100% in English, with our fantastic, friendly and experienced teachers. Children at Modulo Kids learn the English language the natural way, seeing it modeled in real-world situations, and then having the opportunity to try it themselves. We believe in a philosophy of learning by doing, so all classes are interactive, and student centered. We encourage children to participate, and be inquisitive.




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Why choose us

Modulo Kids ia a unique school

Top reasons for choosing Modulo Kids for your children

Why is Modulo Kids right for you?

Everything is tailored to your child for the best learning experience

1 - Group Sizes

We offer both private classes and small groups up to 4 students, so your child will get the attention they deserve.

2 - Holistic Approach

Using an integrated approach to education, Modulo Kids focuses on overall children development.

3 - Learning by Doing

All Modulo Kids lessons are built around fun activities, focusing on doing and not just listening.

4 - Atmosphere

Caring, thoughtful and nurturing; everything at Modulo Kids is designed to make your children happy and comfortable.
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Our Team

We are Modulo Kids

Modulo Kids has a "people first" philosophy. We believe in having the best team for your children.


Dr. Nathaline

Dr. Nat

Owner, Modulo Education Group

Julien Michaud


CEO, Modulo Education Group

Edward Ashman


General Manager, Modulo Language School

Pornpun Dusaneetham


Director of Operations, Modulo

Ninnate Suksri


Assistant Director of Operations, Modulo


Teacher Val


Team Leader
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Advisor Lek


Advisor Namwhan


Advisor Aomsin