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Prices and fees for all the different kids courses we offer

Modulo Kids is happy to offer you many packages to suit you and your needs. We have competitive pricing with flexible payment options.

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MModulo Kids offers the best quality at very competitive rates. Below you can find an overview of our rates, based on the number of lessons you would like your child to study, and your current membership with with Modulo Kids. There are no hidden fees at Modulo Kids; What you see is what you get!

Modulo Kids Class Rates:
50-minute lessons

PROGRAM Weekday Weekend
International Course
Phonics Course
After-school Support
Little Explorers

from :

Solo ฿ 960
Duo ฿ 530 
Trio ฿ 387 
Group ฿ 315
from :

Solo ฿ 1040
Duo ฿ 570
Trio ฿ 413 
Group ฿ 335

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Benefit from 0% financing

Start learning today and complete your payments over 3, 6 or 9 months using our 0% financing options provided through our partners SCB and Kasikorn.

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Membership discounts

WWe believe in rewarding our most loyal customers, so we are happy to offer great discounts the more your child studies.
Memberships at Modulo Kids are for life, so once you have earned a membership we guarantee you will receive the same discount on all future lesson! Apart from discounts, getting a higher membership level can also qualify you for some fantastic rewards and benefits.

Member Regular Red
25 lessons
50 lessons
100 lessons
Registration ฿ 900 ฿ 900 ฿ 900 ฿ 900
Trial Lesson Free Free Free Free
Discount - - ฿ 40 - ฿ 80 - ฿ 120
Cancellations - 2 free 5 free 12 free
Rewards -
Referrals - - 500฿ 1,000฿
Certificate -
0% financing - 3 months 4 months 6 months

Why is Modulo Kids right for you?

Everything is tailored to your child for the best learning experience

1 - Group Sizes

We offer both private classes and small groups up to 4 students, so your child will get the attention they deserve.

2 - Holistic Approach

Using an integrated approach to education, Modulo Kids focuses on overall children development.

3 - Learning by Doing

All Modulo Kids lessons are built around fun activities, focusing on doing and not just listening.

4 - Atmosphere

Caring, thoughtful and nurturing; everything at Modulo Kids is designed to make your children happy and comfortable.
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